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Mission Recovery Home Treatment Center located in Laguna Hills, California, is a specialized facility dedicated to drug & alcohol detox rehabilitation. Our mission is to provide comprehensive support for individuals grappling with alcohol and/or drug addiction. Additionally, we address co-occurring challenges commonly associated with substance use disorders.


The initial phase of the treatment process is Medical Detox, which focuses on eliminating harmful and toxic substances from an individual's body while assisting

Mission Recovery Home in Laguna Hills California


Mission Recovery Home Centers' residential programs are crafted with a steadfast approach, aiming to foster health and recovery for both the body and spirit.

php program


Partial Hospitalization is a well-organized program for Mental Health and Substance Use, serving as a transitional step after a standard 24-hour inpatient stay.

Intensive Outpatient Program


The Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) provides a level of care designed to address addiction, depression, or other dependencies without the need for continuous supervision.

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Progressive Treatment Traditional Environment

In light of numerous breakthrough developments and the array of addiction treatment options currently accessible, no individual should be overlooked without treatment. Despite the progressive and devastating nature of prolonged drug and alcohol abuse, there exists a proven program capable of placing this disease in remission virtually every time it is applied!
Progressive Treatment Traditional Environment
Customized Treatment Experience For Each Client

Customized Treatment Experience For Each Client

Our residential program for drug and alcohol treatment, along with our facilities, is tailored to be personal and intimate. Recognizing the uniqueness of each individual, we firmly believe in offering personalized care. From the initial contact, you will experience the dedication of our compassionate recovery experts who are committed to your well-being.

Co – Occurring Disorders

Individuals arriving at rehabilitation often discover that they have been engaging in “self-medicating” behaviors to cope with emotional or psychiatric issues. These concerns can often be more effectively addressed through alternative therapeutic or medical protocols. Addiction is frequently accompanied by depression, anxiety, and other mental health challenges, likely stemming from the traumas associated with a life of addiction. At Mission Recovery ®, we are committed to addressing not only addiction but also any underlying mental health disorders.
Co – Occurring Disorders
Outings and Activities

Outings and Activities

Embracing a sober lifestyle and thriving in it can be a rewarding journey full of challenges. Our mission at Mission Recovery ® is to assist individuals in not only adapting to but also enjoying the sober lifestyle. We believe in making recovery an enjoyable experience and organize various outings, including trips to beaches, movies, bowling, and even kart racing at K1. Discover the joy of a drug-free life with us – let us guide you on this exciting path!


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