Mission Recovery Home Treatment Center in Laguna Hills California
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Where to Start Us


Step 1: Quick Evaluation
Commencing the journey towards recovery begins with self-evaluation. When you’ve made the decision, a simple call connects you to our dedicated team. Taking this step propels you towards a path of healthy recreation. Reach out when you feel prepared, and our experienced counselors will address your inquiries about treatment and guide you through the admission process. Following an assessment of your symptoms, they will offer tailored advice on the necessary treatment. A swift evaluation will gauge the intensity of your symptoms, paving the way for the right course of treatment.
Step 2: Insurance / Financial assistance
Experience treatment without the burden of financial stress, thanks to the support of our dedicated financial team. We welcome a diverse range of commercial and third-party insurance plans. Our financial experts will guide you through the necessary details regarding your insurance, ensuring a seamless start to your treatment and maximizing the benefits while minimizing out-of-pocket expenses. If transportation assistance is required, your admissions counselor will be ready to help make the necessary arrangements.
Step 3: Initiating with treatment
Upon your arrival at the treatment center, a thorough assessment will be conducted, taking into account your history of addiction and any behavioral issues that may have affected your interpersonal, occupational, and social aspects over time. This evaluation is crucial in crafting a personalized treatment plan tailored to your needs, guiding the determination of the necessary medical assistance for your recovery.